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Purchase colourful stress balls custom printed with your logo or graphics. We deliver all around Australia. There’s a good reason why stress balls are one of the most popular promotional gifts in the world.

What Are Stress Toys Made from?

Our stress balls are made from polyurethane foam and are stocked in Australia inside our Queensland or Brisbane warehouses for local branding to order.

Custom Stress Shapes are Effective at Brand Exposure

Stress balls are a cost-effective way to (literally) get your logo into the hands of your target audience. If you are looking to inject some instant fun and recognition into your brand, these custom-branded stress balls can be shared around the office or prominently displayed on the recipient’s desk, adding to your long-term brand exposure.

Bulk Buy Cheap Stress balls

If you are looking for an eye-catching and affordable way to get your brand noticed then this is the product for you. Stressballs are cheap and can be distributed in bulk volumes, easily during tradeshows, orientation days, events and conferences. Stress balls really are an ideal promotional product.

Squeezy Shapes Imprinted & Delivered Fast

We can provide stress balls with Australia's fastest turnaround time of 1 working day. Delivery is Australia-wide, directly to you no matter where you are, so you can start advertising your brand straight away.

Talk to us about Ideas & Quotes

Talk with the cordial staff at Promotional Items Australia about personalised stress balls today.

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  1. Corporate Wall Clock Stress Toy
    Corporate Wall Clock Stress Toy
    From $ 5.55
    Budget corporate giveaways Learn More
  2. Personalized Train Shape Stress Toy
    Personalized Train Shape Stress Toy
    From $ 5.82
    Enquire about getting a free mock up Learn More
  3. Cactus Plant Stress Ball
    Cactus Plant Stress Ball
    From $ 5.55
    Perfect product for event handouts Learn More
  4. Promotional RV Stress Shape
    Promotional RV Stress Shape
    From $ 5.82
    Transport vehicle stress reliever Learn More
  5. Custom Truck Stress Ball
    Custom Truck Stress Ball
    From $ 5.66
    Company stress ball with logo Learn More
  6. Personalised Chefs Knife Stress Toy
    Personalised Chefs Knife Stress Toy
    From $ 5.55
    Stress item for hospitality Learn More
  7. Printed Stress Animal Turkey
    Printed Stress Animal Turkey
    From $ 5.66
    Stress ball at lowest price Learn More
  8. Promotional Stress Helicopter
    Promotional Stress Helicopter
    From $ 5.66
    Excellent quality stress item Learn More
  9. Promotional Crocodile Stress Animal
    Promotional Crocodile Stress Animal
    From $ 5.82
    Buy stress toy in bulk Learn More
  10. Branded Stress Van
    Branded Stress Van
    From $ 5.96
    Event giveaway stress ball Learn More
  11. Customised Pillow Stress Reliever
    Customised Pillow Stress Reliever
    From $ 5.66
    Enquire today for free quote and mock up Learn More
  12. Custom Printed Train Stress Ball
    Custom Printed Train Stress Ball
    From $ 5.82
    Terrific merchandise that everyone will love Learn More
  13. Promotional Monkey Wrench Stress Shape
    Promotional Monkey Wrench Stress Shape
    From $ 5.55
    Low price bulk stress toy Learn More
  14. Branded Stress Trophy
    Branded Stress Trophy
    From $ 5.73
    Low price stress ball Learn More
  15. Personalised Stress Shape Mountain
    Personalised Stress Shape Mountain
    From $ 5.97
    Click to find out more Learn More
  16. Printed Peach Stress Ball
    Printed Peach Stress Ball
    From $ 5.84
    Perfect marketing item Learn More
  17. Promotional Chef Hat Stress Shape
    Promotional Chef Hat Stress Shape
    From $ 5.73
    Bulk order and save money Learn More
  18. Promotional Stress Reliever Forklift
    Promotional Stress Reliever Forklift
    From $ 6.00
    Best seller stress shape Learn More
  19. Brandable Stress Reliever Palm Tree
    Brandable Stress Reliever Palm Tree
    From $ 6.00
    Enquire today and get free mock up Learn More
  20. Printed Stress Toy Tank
    Printed Stress Toy Tank
    From $ 5.85
    Bulk order today and save money Learn More
  21. Branded Stress Ball Rhino
    Branded Stress Ball Rhino
    From $ 6.78
    Print your logo on the animal Learn More
  22. Bulk Printed Stress Car Ambulance
    Bulk Printed Stress Car Ambulance
    From $ 5.82
    Transport promotional product Learn More
  23. Printed Stress Toy Rubbish Bin
    Printed Stress Toy Rubbish Bin
    From $ 5.90
    Unique stress shape that you will love Learn More
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Amazing Variety of Promotional Stress Shapes

Our range of custom stress balls, which come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, come to life once we stamp them with your unique logo. Convenient in times of tension, squeeze these vivid stress balls to alleviate anxiety. Moreover, with the vast selection of shapes, colours and sizes available for purchase, we guarantee that these stress balls will attract potential customers to your stand at an expo or event campaign, and leave them with a cute souvenir to remember your brand.

Safe to Use, Great for Students

Made from safe materials, so you know that children are out of harm’s way.

What is a Personalised Stress Ball?

A stress ball is a squeezable sponge-like toy. When squashed, the stress toy will revert to its original shape and form quickly. Stress balls was originally a device used to alleviate stress. The constant squeezing of the item helped relieve mental strain. A personalised custom printed stress ball by Promotional Items means that we can have your organisations graphics imprinted onto the surface of the stress ball.

How to Play with a Stress Ball

Playing with a stress ball is easy. Squeezing it repeatedly, is the simplest way to play. Other ways to interact and play with a stress ball (or stress shape) include:

  • Play Catch! Throw it against the wall and catch it
  • Use it as a throwball. Toss it to a partner and have that person toss it back
  • Kick it like a football. Get some friends and play a mini game of indoor football
  • Consider using a stress ball as a decoration piece. Fill up a Vase for a stylish look for your office or home
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