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Each year millions of dollars worth of stationery products are used not by businesses but for school stationery for kids returning to school as well as children who are about to commence. To cater for this many companies and organisations upon each year and each semester use merchandise specifically for children to either help parents along with reducing the amount of burden for product purchases as well as using stationery for children as a way of generating some good will towards their branding. In other instances merchandise has been used effectively in awareness and educational campaigns. Stationery is a great idea however there are some things that need to be considered especially when younger children are involved.

Stationery as Promotional Items

Using stationery as promotional items with your branding means that above all else for children you need to be concerned about safety. Not just with the product itself but also with how you anticipate children will use the product. With that in mind here are some safety hints and tips to help you get the most out of using stationery when you are buying them in bulk quantities for children:

Avoid Pointy Objects

This one is pretty obvious but be aware there are some products where you may not have considered them sharp or dangerous. Examples would include lead pacer pencils where the nib is blunt but when in use the metal nib that extends can be quite sharp. Other products that may have sharp pointy edges include zips especially on low quality products where sometimes corners are cut to save cost. Rulers without rounded edges are also unexpectedly sharp as well.

sharp pencils 102013ruler edges

Automatic Umbrellas & Spring Loaded Folders

All umbrellas can be risky as they are pointy and children find it especially tempting to play sword fights with them. However some umbrellas are worse than others as they are automatic spring loaded ones which carry a bit of force when activated. These are best to be avoided. Other items such as binders with a strong spring load when closed are also best avoided to prevent accidental finger clips.

ring binders

Businesses and Schools Are Different

You may be surprised but many of our customers when purchasing stationery for schools select products that are more suitable for businesses. Now the differences can be quite blurry but there is a definite difference nonetheless. Stationery for students need to be fun and appealing.  Think primary colours as opposed to flat silver and black colours which are better for businesses. Safety as mentioned above is considerably different when buying for a business too and expect products for children to be thrown around hence they require products that are a lot more robust.

School Stationery

Now don’t let the above points deter you from buying stationery for school kids. The amount of good will you can generate from not only the child but importantly the parents is huge. This will only benefit your brand name or your message that you would like to get across. Have fun, there are literally thousands of cool options you can choose from. Ask us for help if you are stuck.

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