Promotional Mousepads

Purchase promotional mousepads custom printed with your graphics, images, logos and content. Our mousepads are beautiful, high-quality products that will work with all types of modern and retro computer mice. Our computer mousepads, ensure that you will get precise movement and input on your computer.

Graphics for Printing onto Mousepads

To print your graphics onto mousepads, we require your artwork to be supplied to us in an EPS file with vectorized outlines or a PDF file with vectorized outlines. High-resolution jpegs are also accepted. Higher quality artwork with sharp resolution will always look spectacular when printed onto mousepads.

Mousepads Printed In Australia

Our mousepads are printed in Melbourne Australia. The factory is located in Dandenong, and we dispatch thousands each day. For fast delivery, no-one can beat our 1-3 day production time for full colour printed mousepads.

What is a Mousepad?

A mouse pad is a square, circle or rectangle piece of plastic rubberised material that goes under a computer mouse, separating it from the surface of your desk. Since the introduction of computer mice in the 1980s, they’ve been a popular peripheral for most home and office computer systems.

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  1. Laptop Customised Mouse
    Laptop Customised Mouse
    From $ 14.34
    Compact laptop mouse ready for branding. Learn More
  2. Customised Mini Optical Mouse
    Customised Mini Optical Mouse
    From $ 13.20
    Precision and accuracy Learn More
  3. Corporate branded Gel Mousepads
    Corporate branded Gel Mousepads
    From $ 18.75
    Soft gel mousepad with large branding size for bulk order as corporate gift. Learn More
  4. Folding Logo Printed Mouse
    Folding Logo Printed Mouse
    From $ 18.03
    Sytlish option for branding with your logo. Learn More
  5. Travel Mini Computer Mouse
    Travel Mini Computer Mouse
    From $ 25.70
    Essential for Laptop users Learn More
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Why Use a Personalised Mousepad?

The bottom of the mouse does tend to pick up dirt and grime from the surface of the desk. What’s more, the user’s hand and wrist tends to brush over that same surface, picking up dirt and grime too. The soft, flexible mousemat is a convenient, washable method of keeping your desk space. This protection offered by a mousepad also keeps your desk free of scratches from the mouse.

Our personalised mousepads offer you a huge visible space for custom branding. If you were looking for a promotional item a personalised mouse pad is an ideal option.

What is a Promotional Mouse Pad?

Mousepads are a favourite promotional item across a range of industries. This is because the flat surface of the pad is easy to print and seen every day by its owner. When printed with your logo, the custom mousepad will show off your logo, potentially for years to come. Promotional mousepads come in a range of sizes and configurations, meaning that you can pick the style to show your brand in the best light and capture the attention of your clients or customers.

Who Uses Mousepads?

Anyone who uses a computer has a use for a mousepad! They’re used in homes and offices, businesses and schools. Computer gamers in particular love mousepads, since an optical mouse will operate faster on the flat, even surface of the pad – ideal for high stakes tournaments. You will be surprised, but many people still use a mousepad despite the fact that modern computer mouse can operate without one. A mousepad simply looks great on any surface!

Who Should Use Custom Mousepads for their Promotions?

Mousepads are relatively inexpensive per unit and also have the advantage of being lightweight and packing flat for easy and low cost transport and storage. This makes them a cost effective premium or giveaway across a range of industries, but for obvious reasons they are most widely used as a targeted promotion within the IT industry. Computer retailers, repairers and suppliers, game shops, electronics warehouses IT schools and similar businesses will all find mouse pads make excellent promotional items. If you run an IT department, computer lab or Internet café, then branded mousepads help protect your furniture and equipment while also keeping your brand visible. A less obvious use for promotional mousepads is as a giveaway with high-end desks and tables.

How Can Promotional Items Help With Custom Mousemats?

We offer a huge range of differently sized and shaped mouse mats. These come in a variety of materials – polypropelene, natural rubber, cloth topped or liquid centred. We offset-print these mats, in anything from simple two-tone designs to photographic full-colour. Our skilled graphic artists can help you make the most of the large, colourful branding area on your mousepads to ensure that they show off your design in an attractive and eyecatching way. We offer to-the-door delivery anywhere in Australia, and a fast two-week standard turnaround from finalisation of artwork to delivery.

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